Labredoor Entrepreneurial Research Program

Invest in Yourself

You bring the idea we bring the lab & expertise

Labredoor Entrepreneurship Program is for enthusiastic people willing to invest in themselves and their ideas. Labredoor provides 360° support to single entrepreneurs willing to perform R&D projects on a budget. You bring the idea we provide you a team, infrastructure & advisors. We walk along with you until you get a prototype. If you think you have a very good idea and you will take your chance to invest in yourself. This is the right place for you to skyrocket.

Entrepreneurs will find an in-house wet-lab, RedLab, for prototyping their ideas. In addition to the infrastructure, Labredoor provides your project with dedicated Lab Scientists and R&D speacialists to build what you envision. If you are building a business, our business developers will help you to climb the steps of your entreneurship journey as quick as possible. Training you on the way. If you only need some experiments to be done then you can also check the RemoteLab service.