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Welcome to the Labredoor
Applications Page

This form is an application gateway for multiple companies. At Labredoor, we share our tools & know-how on human resource management with our partners. Through this page you can apply to the partner companies listed below for any kind of career path. 

Research, consultance, management & venture-building/scaling, accelerator, media & production

Better for jobseekers and startup/scaleup enthusiasts. Frequent travel or relocation to EU opportunity.


GEEN Biotechnology
Therapeutics company developing artificially evolved viruses for viral cancer immunotherapy

directed evolution, sy
nthtetic virology, genetic engineering, in vitro & in vivo studies, better for researchers & academics. 

Developing next-gen therapeutics for longevity & diagnostic tools for screening general health. Multifaceted longevity company focused on a variety of solutions in the field of prophylactics.

drug discovery, molecular biology, cell culture, nanotechnology, in vivo testing, multiomics, diagnostics, bioinformatics & AI, better for biotech startup-seekers.


Contracting, construction, hospitality, investment

globally dispersed operations, B2G focus, no technical R&D, heavily focused on conventional type entrepreneurship, business & operations, easier opportunity for jobseekers.


-- Open Roles --

  • Operations Department - Coordination Division - Assistant & Head of Operational Efficiency

    • ​​Description: team management, human resources

  • Operations Department - Missions Division - Assistant & Head of Operational Productivity

    • Description: product/project management,

  • Operations Department - Corporate Affairs Division - Assistant & Head of Corporate Development

    • Description: compliance, legal, operational strategy, operational management​

  • Operations Department - Corporate Affairs Division - Assistant & Head of Legal Affairs

    • Description: legal research, legal operations, compliance, business development ​

  • Department of Business Development - Chief Business Officer

  • Department of Business Development - Chief Communications Officer

  • Department of Business Development - Sales & Marketing Division - Product Manager​ / Product Specialist / Marketing Expert

  • R&D Deparment - Research & Design Division - Assistant / Lead Researcher

  • R&D​ Department -- Lab Division - Assistant / Lead Lab Scientist

  • Executive Office - Presidential Division - Executive Assistant / Vice President


  • The application process should take two to four hours on average.

  • We suggest you to set yourself a time limit, as we have witnessed the form took up to 10 hours or even days for some.

  • We know that it is not an easy questionnaire but it will change your life if you take it seriously.


  • BACKUP your answers on a separate document as technical malfunctions occasionally occur.

  • You can easily lose your answers on this page. Complete the form at one go (you can't save your answers for later on this page).

This form requests preliminary applicant information and inquire interview questions used in candidate selection. It is a generalized versatile all-in-one application form designed to be organisation and role agnostic. Some questions or options might seem odd to you, please answer in the best possible way.

Online & in-person interview processes following the submission of this form will be very easy to conduc
t. We might ask for case-studies or preliminary trial periods afterwards.

Quick Application Form

Your role will require;

Strong belief in the company & its vision, self-confidence, belief in yourself and your part in the whole, a strong will to achieve shared goals and build something bigger than yourself, ability to get pure joy out of the things you build, especially when they work, nerves of steel, self-discipline, self-motivation. Solution-oriented thinking, uncomplaining, finding & taking initiative and responsibility, attention & care.

Answer all the questions briefly. Only if you feel you CAN'T explain yourself clearly in English you have the option to answer
 the questions in Turkish.
Which type of end career path would you prefer within this organisation?
How do you describe yourself and your relationship with the society. Please choose quotes that most accurately resemble your thoughts.
Please check the boxes below if they genuinely and accurately represent what you think.
Choose UP TO 3 traits that describes your personality the best. Please do not choose more than 3.
If you don't have enough professional experience or we decide you are ineligible for the role you apply for, which of the offers below would you accept?
Which of the following job setups would you accept? "I woud accept a role ..."

Thanks for submitting!

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