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Labredoor Independent Researchers & Professionals Program (IRP2)

Freelancing Innovators
Work in R&D projects at Labredoor

IRP2 is looking for young researchers, talented scientists & technologists, experienced professionals, business development specialists and many more. IRP2 offers freelance setting workplace for experienced professionals. with a sponsored R&D projects marketplace. Also provides young researchers opportunities to gain technical & operational experience. In order to join the program one must hold a Work Permit from Labrea. This requires joining Labredoor Community as a Labrean and opening a Bank of Labrea account.

IRP2 is a platform where multiple R&D projects at various stages are made available for independent researchers & professionals to work in. Projects ranging in developmental stage from sector analysis, strategic research, technology screening, R&D project development, feasibility studies to R&D project management, proof-of-concept studies, wet-lab prototyping, industrial troubleshooting.

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