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  Latest drugs for rare diseases at half the market price, 

  Novel prophylactic longevity therapies, 

  reinvented & made available @Quanrum Clinics earlier than anywhere else in the world. 

  Trends in medical insurance space, orphan drugs economics & investments in longevity had the greatest impact on market dynamics. Demand for affordable out-of-pocket generic therapies and longevity/healthspan products have surged. Quanrum provides a complete alternative therapeutics value chain to health tourists and claim what big pharma and modern regulatory frameworks can not provide.  

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Árpád Czapp

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Pipeline, Products & 

A pipeline of enhanced biosimilars & generics. FDA approved, comassionate use or expermiental products.

  - Offshore health clinic & advanced therapeutics manufacturer for health tourists.  

  - Products & services based exclusively on Quanrum's pipeline.  

  - OTC, small molecule, gene therapies focused on orphan disease indications like genetic diseases, cancer along with prophylactic longevity therapies.  

If you're given a wish, and you can only have one wish, your wish should be four more wishes. And so, if you're given technology, you should ask for a technology that gives you more time to develop more technologies. And that's essentially what aging reversal is. It might grant some of us more time to make more inventions that have a positive consequence.

George Church, PhD.
Harvard Medical School, Prof. of Genetics