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Who we are?

Labredoor Enterprise
is an innovation accelerator & a social business hub

empowered by Labredoor Community.

Labredoor Community
is a community of researchers & professionals with exceptional skills & intelligence.
Labredoor Community has been built on an engineered culture & social system of innovation, technology, science & intellect.

Our Campus, Labrea
Labrea is equipped with a biotech lab, office, living & social spaces. Currently in use for three major activities; science & technology acceleration, social club, providing incubation/R&D/innovation/education services.

What we do & Why

We believe that the structures of our societies, businesses, institutional methods & models are outdated. Most of the problems we face in our everyday lives arise from this issue. So we must adapt our social & institutional models in accordance with today's and tomorrow's natural, technological and social conditions.

Our mission is to build a creative, productive community of innovation and institutional models required to set a magnificent future for humanity.

To achieve this goal, it only takes the right people, at the right place, with the right culture & resources at the right time.

At Labredoor, we offer a safe & liberated environment along with the resources required for our community to relentlessly rehearse this vision until we achieve it.


Labredoor, in essence, is a social club for enthusiastic intellectuals contained in a settlement with labs, offices, living & social spaces coupled with online spaces.

Our headquarters, The House at the Red Door 33, consists of a wet-lab, co-working/meeting rooms, dorms, garden, kitchens, living rooms & a studio. The house provides an environment of collective creativity, productivity, and entertainment.

The values that we are building our community on are;

- Rationality

- Equality of opportunity

- Liberty

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