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The Labredoor Community

Abstract Background


Who are Labreans?

Labreans are intellectuals, researchers, professionals, students, and scientists. We come from all backgrounds, but we share an ambition to better ourselves and a vision to better the world. 

How Do We Work?

Labreans receive projects top-down (industry services) and bottom-up (community ideas). After an intensive selection process, we work on projects on a "freelance" basis with our designated "clans." 

Why Join?

Labreans join for a variety of reasons. Gain experience in a new field.  Develop your research or business strategy skills. Meet other highly-capable and intellectual minds. Attend seminars and social events. Jumpstart your idea in our lab.


Creative Working

Labredoor is an innovation accelerator, a social business hub, and a corporate model of the future.

Our mission is to build a creative innovation community to bridge the gap between growth and community.


By enabling our brightest minds to work on pioneering projects on their own time,

Labredoor is adapting outdated models to accelerate innovation.


Abstract Background


Network & cooperate

Workshops, Seminars, & Academy

Lab access for scientific & entrepreneurial projects

Co-Working and co-living space

Take part in governing Labredoor