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"Labredoor Research projects are community driven scientific endeavors. Here we create, share and enjoy science and technology through collaboration."

Oguzhan Mete Ozturk,
P.I. (2020-T1), Labredoor Research

Active Community Research Projects

  • SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine: Intellivac SC20nX in collaboration with GEEN Biotechnology
    Development of a vector-based 2nd generation vaccine candidate for COVID-19

  • Pain No More For Mice (On Hold)

      Generation of a transgenic laboratory mice that is insensitive to pain & do not        develop anxiety or depression. 

  • Fluorescent Shrimps

      Developing genetically engineered fluorescent sea monkeys. 

  • iGEM_Labredoor
    This year we are teaming up for MIT's iGEM 2020 competition in Boston. Our goal is to build up a synthetic magnetic bacteria for environmentally friendly gold mining.

  • Team Biohack
    Developing functional DIY lab equipment from fluorescence microscopes to spectrophotometers. This is how to build a lab on a budget.

  • Biodiesel
    Production of biodiesel from frying oil leftovers. Our goal is to generate enough electricity to run the house, lab & our cars :) The team also has R&D efforts to find better enzymes to increase the quality of the chemical process. Which yields higher quality diesel & glycerol.

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