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This manifesto states some of the core principles, values & beliefs shared within our community. When you join, we expect you to respect, adopt and implement these principles. If the house observes conflict on this matter, readjustment of your membership status might be required. Our association will be mutually rewarding only if we are able to establish harmony. So please answer this question from the bottom of your heart. Our manifesto is constantly evolving, come and take part. We publish versions online and make hard-copies available in the house.


  • Science, rationality, reason & wisdom are always superior and one must gravitate towards.

  • Work is sacred, never is wasted.

  • Always have trust in the justice exercised by mother nature and the balance within.

  • Think and act so as to converge, connect, unify and embrace. All is one after all.

  • Evolution is inevitable, keep pace with it, never give up, have trust in endless progress.

  • Take part in construction, resist any form of destruction without reconstruction, at every level.

  • Find your part, responsibility, initiative in everything.

  • Look someone/something to see the beauty, innocence & good within. Everything happens for a reason if you look close enough.

  • One must self-critisize, self-question and develop.

  • What remains and matters the most is the artifact after all.

  • A creator lives within his/her artifacts and becomes immortal.​



  • After you enter this door, leave your external identity & status outside. Here, we are all equal.

  • An embracing culture, unconditional respect for free will and efficient communication is the shortest way to a solution of a social problem.

  • Trust in dialectic.

  • Fight relentlessly against dogmas.

  • Frequently question what is valuable and what value is.

  • You can always improve, continuously challenge yourself.

  • Embrace and honor naivety, innocence, love, and enthusiasm.

  • Goodwill should be the foundation of all actions. Keep your hands clean.

  • What we do over who you are.

  • Act with self-discipline and conscience.

  • Try to listen without bias.

  • A little more respect for the junior, a little more love for the senior.

  • Give voice, opportunity to others and try to understand them before you judge.



  • Liberty

  • Fellowship

  • Civillianization

  • Equality of Opportunity

  • Sincerity

  • Humbleness

  • Tolerance

  • Resilience

  • Wisdom

  • Scientificness

  • Rationality

  • Love & Respect for Nature

  • Constructiveness

  • Progressivism

  • Respect, Appreciation & Confidence for Self & Others

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