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Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Division


Labredoor’s Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) Division provides R&D, laboratory services, market research, project consulting and execution, technology transfer, and other technical services. We select your team from an impressive network of 300+ researchers from across the EEMEA to provide you with the best talent and expertise.


When business is a game of globalization, your company must maintain its edge by examining the best opportunities in other parts of the world. Turkey is emerging as a hub for top biotech and life science professionals. Lower-cost and highly-competitive, the EEMEA region is uniquely positioned to disrupt the market and open up new opportunities for innovation. Labredoor’s network of top intellectuals and researchers is vast and growing. That’s why we are the starting point for international companies looking into the EEMEA.

How We Help

  • Outsource R&D to high-quality researchers in the EEMEA

Through our vast network of 300+ researchers, we will pull together the best team to develop experiments and perform your R&D needs. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment, in-house laboratories, and government laboratory access. International companies looking to outsource to a lower-cost and higher-output talent pool should look no further than Turkey and the EEMEA.

  • Strategic market research and business intelligence

We work closely with our clients to identify new verticals, opportunities, and emerging market trends in their industry. Our researchers define the current landscape, state of innovation, and competitive environment to give you the necessary background knowledge and winning strategy before launching a new product. See our “Insights” and “Market Research Reports” for examples of past work.

  • Adopt a ready innovation project 

Our research community generates new ideas and investment opportunities for our clients, fully researched and awaiting partnership. We team up with companies to execute the manufacturing, operational, and launch of these innovation products and services. Check out our Projects and Opportunities page to explore.

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