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Team Meeting

Start-Ops Division


Taken from the words “start-up” and “operations,” Labredoor’s Start-Ops team is focused on building out new business models and operational branches. Our core team is highly experienced in the world of start-ups, and Labredoor’s community model is engineered with the goal of accelerating innovation. 


Outsource biotech, life sciences, and pharmaceutical research with continual collaboration, or let us set up your branch or business in the EEMEA region. Looking for a new growth vertical in your industry? Explore the many innovation investment opportunities our researchers put together, just awaiting partnership.

How We Help

  • Expand your global market to the EEMEA

We help international clients grow their operations in mature and emerging markets. Our expertise in the landscape, regulations, and operations of the region ensures a clean access strategy and implementation.

  • Build or outsource a new regional operational branch

Designing and implementing a new branch strategy can be costly without the right knowledge and resources. Our expertise in this segment takes the workload off of you. International companies looking to outsource to a lower-cost and higher-output talent pool should look no further. We will find the proper laboratory, equipment, processes, and people to build out your new branch and operations. 

  • Contracting and management for ready innovation projects

Our research community generates new ideas and investment opportunities for our clients, fully researched and awaiting partnership. We team up with companies to execute the manufacturing, operational, and launch of these innovation products and services. Check out our Projects and Opportunities page to explore. 

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